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26th May, 2016

Good afternoon families,

We welcome our new friend Charlie-Blue today, we had lots of fun showing her our toys and what we can do in the classroom. We had a play outside this morning and used our new bikes Miss Bec gave us, we shared them very well, using them to sit 2 children at once and riding them around the yard.

we did some art today, we coloured in some dinosaurs and cut out each of the pieces, some of us required a little help with using the scissors but we learnt pretty quick how to use them and were able to cut out our pieces for our dinosaurs. We then put them together by refering to a picture and making it our own special dinosaurs.

We also played with some playdough today, we used different playdough toys, sticks, eyes and other materials to decorate our animals we made, we made some dinosaurs, echidnas, monsters and Evie made some teeth which were bad and pretended to be a dentist  using them. We also had lots of fun playing with cornflour slime, we had lots of fun playing with these, picking it up when it was hard and watching it liquefy while we were holding it it was lots of fun, we added some dinosaurs to the play to, making the dinosaurs walk over the slime quickly to not sink but some sank within the slime.

We played with the blocks again today and made a big wall and house with them, we also are starting to make homecorner into a shop so the children are able to play that in there, using their mathematical skills to count the money and reading how much things are in their shop. We had some fun playing in home corner to playing with the plates and cups, some of the children pretending to serve the coffee for some money and make dinners for others. We also had lots of fun playing with the mobile, making different vehicles, shapes and lots of different things with them.

If you would like to share a book with the class at home please feel free to bring them in, we read goldilocks and the three koalas and Zog today, we enjoyed these books a lot.