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27th April, 2016

Good afternoon Families,

Today we had a visitor from another centre, Miss Natalie, we had lots of fun showing her what we do during the day and showed her all our new toys we have inside. We continued our project on the ocean today, Harrison wanted to know how we can look after the ocean and what happens when we don’t look after it.

Some of the children wanted to learn about crocodiles so we read my best friend is a crocodile, we are going on a croc hunt and looked at some other books that may have crocodiles in them, we then took the book to the table and drew our own crocodiles together.

We used our water play again today, we used our sea creatures, bubbles, shells and pebbles to play with today, we carefully swam within the containers using the animals. We also took our dinosaurs and sea creatures outside with us and played with them inside the sandpit and the water, we dug big holes for them and filled them with water.

We also did some painting today, we decorated some boxes and will used them to draw some pretty pictures on. We also finished off our rainbow fish we used some foil to create our shiny scales and spoke about how we be nice to our friends and share with everyone.