27th May, 2016

Good Afternoon families,

We had a box filled fun day today, we were donated a lot of boxes so we decided to use them today as an activity, we painted them and used them outside to play with cars, buses, trains and boats, we also added some stop signs to ride around on, we played very nicely using the bikes and the vehicles we created together outside.

We also had lots of fun playing inside, we did some dancing today, played some instruments today and did some singing together, we also went on a bear hunt which we loved very much. we also had some fun making lots of different things using connector blocks and mobile.

Some of the children helped paint our new blackboards for us to use as well which was lots of fun Mr Nick gave us a special drop sheet and roller and tray to use to be able to be painters.

Sorry for no pictures today, we are having a couple of issues with our camera but should be working next week.