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29th April, 2016

Good afternoon families,


Today we had a very nice day in Kindergarten, we all played os nicely together, helping each other build different things and sharing the new and old toys we have. We did a special activity with dinosaurs today, we made some cloud dough, using baby oil and flour and put the dinosaurs inside as we are becoming very interested in the different type of dinosaurs and different information about dinosaurs that we know. The children used the dinosaurs to pretend to eat the dough and we made balls and different shapes using it.

During the morning play time outside, Mr Blair helped some of the children look through the sandpit to see what we can find and we managed to find some more of the dinosaurs and sea creatures that some of us buried a couple of days ago, we then used our water buckets to swim, clean and play with the animals with and discussed what we think they can do with the sand and the water. We also had lots of fun playing catch with the balls and seeing how high we could throw the balls. We also had some bike races and climbed the pirate ship outside.

For group times today we learnt a new good morning song as well as a rhyme for an acknowledgement of our land around us and to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land. We also sang some counting songs together which we really enjoyed and the children had lots of fun doing the kangaroo kangaroo song which we all know now, we also had lots of fun telling the Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle story but we changed the story in the middle where we decided what they spoke about together. We also read My ocean home Fiji that Miss Bec let us borrow and learnt a couple of words in Fijian about the ocean and ocean animals and read the lovely story together, part of the story is about looking after the ocean so we had a conversation about what we can do to look after the ocean, we also discussed where we put our rubbish.  

We did some art today as well making some salt dough ornaments which we had fun doing, we mixed the salt dough together, rolled it out and used playdough cutters to cut the shapes out. We will be painting them next week as well. We had lots of fun using the blocks today a few of the children used the blocks and animals to create a shopping centre, they built it up together and placed the animals in each of the shops and used the cars to drive around the shopping centre.

We hope you have a nice long weekend and we will see you next week!