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Friday 13th May, 2016

Good Afternoon Families,

Today was a quiet day we were all so well behaved and played so nicely together helping each other with everything, we even helped each other build a big tower together putting cars and animals throughout the building.

We started off the day outside which was very quiet this morning so we were able to do lots of different activities, Miss Nicole let us play with the sand and the “bones” which we used the paint brushes to find them within it, we had so much fun doing this, We also put some dinosaurs outside and played with them and made a little pond for them to play in.

We then came inside and had some fruit pizza together we loved having it, it was watermelon with banana slices, strawberry slices and kiwi fruit. So we started talking about what fruit we liked eating and what else we can do to be healthy.

We also played with the mobilo and built lots of different cars together and different vehicles we built some planes and rocketships as well. The children were able to share all of the connector parts to build our different vehicles. We also had lots of fun playing with the little dinosaurs and animals that Miss Daisy brought in and the children asked to look at dinosaurs next week again so we will be looking into them again, so please feel free to bring in any dinosaur books you may have at home to share with the class.

We had lots of fun singing songs together, we are getting very good at singing days of the week, twinkle twinkle and other songs we sing, we also know the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle so feel free to encourage your children to tell you the story at home which will help with their memory skills and re-telling skills.

We also had Arakan Martial arts today which we had lots of fun in we practiced our balancing, hitting and kicking the pad, we also discussed how we don’t kick or hit anything apart from those pads and practiced blocking we had lots of fun doing this and will continue doing this every Friday.

We hope you have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

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