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Friday 20th May, 2016

Good afternoon families,

We had lots of fun today, all the children were very well behaved today and full of energy so we had a morning of outside activities, we played with the parachute using the ball on top of it and then we threw it up in the air and ran under it as fast as we could. We then decided to use the parachute as a cubby house. We put pillows inside it and then decided we would eat our morning tea inside it. We then decided to stay in there and go on a wombat hunt together.

We then came inside and did some more dancing, we loved doing the tooty ta dance and we sand the big red tractor song together, we also did grand old duke of York song together. And then had a little play together, we are continuing our project on dinosaurs and spoke about fossils and how archaeologists find them and learn different things on them. We then decided to use clay and little toy dinosaurs to create our own fossils, we even discussed what dinosaurs we were using for our fossils and the different bones they might find on them.

We then had martial arts again today, we had lots of fun doing this as we had 2 smaller groups instead of 1 big one which meant we were able to have a lot more games and activities to do, we continued our practice to hit and block, kicking and we learnt how to use our elbow as well, speaking about how we only do it on the pads not on others.

In the afternoon the children had lots of fun making their own special cubby houses, using the climbing equipment and mats to create their own and climbing over and under it just like in our bear hunt and wombat hunt.

We are continuing talking about how it is getting colder so please remember shoes and please bring jackets in case it gets cold in the afternoons.