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Friday 3rd May, 2016

Good Families,

We had a fantastic day today, we are practicing playing together nicely and being able share the toys together, we have started identifying amount of time on the clock with the help of the teachers.

We had lots of fun this morning, we did Arakan Martial arts this morning and had lots of fun doing that, we practice running and jumping, balancing and also our hitting practice, we are getting very good at doing this.

When we came inside we continued looking at our calendar which we learnt about what day it was, the date, weather and what season it is, we continued talking about winter and what we have to do to stay warm such as wear long shirts and long pants as well as shoes when we are outside, please make sure you bring shoes that your child can put on as it will help with their independence,

We also read a couple of books which were goldilocks and the 3 koalas, the cranky bear which we all know from memory now and also read the nursery rhyme rainbow which we spoke about what nursery rhymes they are from.

We had lots of fun using the number puzzles today, some of us worked together to match the numbers to the pictures and the pictures to the words. We then turned it into a memory game to flip over the ones that match.

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