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May 5th, 2016

Good afternoon families,

Today we had a fun day which included lots of different activities and fun playing with different toys together. We started by playing outside and Miss Bec opened the net for us to use which we used very nicely and even brought some balls in to play with on the net together, throwing them to each other from the top and bottom of the net. We also played with the bikes and dug lots of deep holes in the sand pit.

When we came inside we had a group time which we sang days of the week, said good morning to each other and all of us requested 3 little pigs and 3 billy goats gruff, so after we finished these we sang some other songs together and then started our progressive morning tea.

After we finished this some of us had soccer which we did very well in. some of us who were inside played nicely with the mobilo and with the blocks. We helped each other build a big city again and included the cars within our play. Some of us did some drawing and writing. Also some of us requested using the puppets and some of the felt stories so we took turns telling our own stories of the stories we read earlier in the day.