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Monday 13th June, 2016

Good afternoon families,

We have had a quiet day today, it was wet outside this morning so we stayed inside for a little bit longer, but we still had our fitness class today which we had lots of fun in jumping in and out of hoops, hopping and running around the yard. Because we had a little help from Miss Rachel we did an inside/outside day today where the children chose where they would like to play  but we kept our shoes on all day as we are talking about how the weather is getting colder.

While we were outside we saw some magpies which we spoke about and some of us went to chase the birds but stopped when 1 of the children told them not to chase the birds as it might scare them.

We had lots of fun inside today to, some of the children were using the boxes we had as part of their play, they created them into a variety of different things to share with the class. We used our new kitchen to make some new dishes to share and also played with the blocks today to build big buildings.

We continued to read the cranky bear and the Gruffalo, which we enjoy, some of the children told the story of the cranky bear in their own words and we discussed how the sheep was feeling in the story and why the bear was cranky.