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What a wonderful day in the kindergarten room today.  Miss Vanessa from Benowa Early Learning Centre came to help Mr Lachie in the room.  She will be here until Wednesday.  The children did a great job introducing and telling a little about themselves.  The main interest that was detected in all of their comments was ‘dinosaurs’.  Harrison, Riku, Tibet and Eljay all wanted to play with the dinosaurs, so it was decided they should be put out on the mat.  Evie, Charlie and Ashee wanted to do some painting, so we thought we could connect the two interests and paint some dinosaurs.  Miss Vanessa put some dinosaurs in the middle of the table and asked the children to paint their own dinosaurs using the dinosaur toys as models….this made the children laugh a little.  Funnily enough the children that requested painting chose not to do it and decided it was more fun playing with the babies and blocks on the mat.

 Vanessa also set up a dinosaur jigsaw puzzle for the children to complete using dinosaur cut outs and some glue.  Harrison, Eljay and Riku did an amazing job doing this activity.  The searched through the pictures finding the matching pairs and then stuck them side by side on the paper.  Have a look at the side wall and see their efforts.  Well done!

The children also enjoyed group times, choosing the stories for the day.  The favourite story was the “Very Cranky Bear”.  After our story we looked at some letters of the alphabet…one letter was missing.  Miss Vanessa asked the children to help her discover the missing letter.  As we went through the alphabet the children were connecting the letters to their own names.  We discovered the missing letter ‘N’.  We will look for it tomorrow. 

Thank you Mr Lachie for welcoming me to your room and introducing me to all your Pre Kindy friends.  Looking forward to tomorrow.