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Monday 21st March, 2016

Good Afternoon Families,

Today was a fun day we had some new friends join us today, Welcome to Mason and we all spoke about the fun weekends we had and who came to our special Easter day and the open day.

We are continuing our Easter crafts this week by decorating some Easter eggs using our plastic Easter egg moulds, we enjoyed doing this and each of us wanted to do it differently and show what different patterns we could make with them. We will be continuing our Easter crafts throughout this week so if you have anything that you think we could use please don’t hesitate to bring it in or talk to a staff member about it.

We had lots of fun today building big structures using the blocks and the structure book which is provided and also had lots of fun reading books together and creating our own stories as we read them.

We will be continuing our project on plants this week and continue talking about how the plants grow and what we can do to look after the environment around us. We spoke about the different types of plants we have around us today and also reviewed what we know about plants already and what we could remember from last week.

We are also changing our program slightly, we will be focussing on the word STOP and focussing on the sounds of the word which we will be helping us read other words and will be eventually using this word and sounds to make other words we can read. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to ask, I will be happy to talk to you about this new program and answer any of your questions.

Please don’t forget to bring in a family photo for our tree as it is still looking a little lonely.