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Monday 23rd May 2016

Good afternoon families,

Today we had a very fun day, starting with our fitness training, we practiced jumping, skipping and other fun running around activities together, We then came inside and had morning tea having yummy banana split together.

We then had morning tea together, still deciding to eat together with our progressive morning tea, we are starting our daily jobs each day now, so please when you drop your child in please get them to sign in by writing their name onto the paper available and to find their name and choose a job for that day, this will encourage the children to be independent.

We had lots of fun learning a new version of row, row, row our boat which we did with our partners, we enjoyed this a lot so we will be adding some new songs which involve partners. We also went on a wombat hunt which we love at the moment and helps the children with their memory skills as the children repeat the words back to the educator after it is said. We did some fun dances with Mr Blair today to, by doing the tooty ta dance and some other songs we requested.

We continued our project of dinosaurs which we used play dough today, we used different sized sticks, eyes and other collage materials to create our own special dinosaurs. We also used different collage materials to create our own special pictures together during rest time. We worked together to build sandcastles outside as we played a game where we built sandcastles and it removed the monsters from around the sandpit so we had to work together very fast.