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Kindergarten – Monday 25th July, 2016

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Good Afternoon Kindergarten families,

We have had a lovely day in the kindergarten room today. Our day started at 9am lining up at the door, the children came into the room to sit down on the mat and said good morning to Miss Hayley and Mr Lachie. We called the role then played our transition game as we moved into morning tea. After this the children had a active sport lesson which they all enjoyed. They played a variety of running balance and coordination games. After this the children returned inside to sit on the mat with Mr Lachie. They talked about their weekends, Mr Lachie shared that his footy team won on the weekend which he was very happy about and Eljay shared that he found a baby bird at the park. After this the children discussed what activities they would like out. They practised raising their hands and then waiting their turn to make a request. They ended up choosing play dough, kinetic sand and drawing.

After lunch we all sat on the mat with Miss Hayley to learn about our letter of the week. This week we are learning about the letter Pp. We have chosen Pp as the children enjoyed wearing their pyjamas so much on Friday and have been talking about it today. The children raised their hands to suggest words that begin with the Pp sound. The children are in the process of learning the difference between a word that begins with Pp and a word that contains the letter Pp. After this we sang ‘Ants in the apple’ together. The children seem to be really enjoying learning about the sounds that letters make.

In the afternoon the children worked on writing the letter Pp, cutting and sticking different materials. They also had a wonderful story time with Mr Lachie. Over the coming weeks we will be implementing a more structured routine, please feel free to come to Miss Hayley or Mr Lachie with any suggestions. Miss Hayley will take a bit more time to get to know the children and their needs then we will put this routine in to place.

Thanks for a great day Kindergarten, see you tomorrow.

From Miss Hayley and Mr Lachie

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Written by elckindy

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