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Today we had a great day in kindergarten, we had a new Evie start today and Miss Daisy started today. We were al very helpful in showing her what we can do and what we wanted to do within the classroom and used our listening ears throughout the day.

We started off the day playing in the yard with Pre-Kindy playing with the sand pit and using our physical skills to fill and empty the watering can around the sandpit and also used them to water the plants, this led to a discussion about what plants need to be able to live and how we can look after them such as watering it every morning.

When we came inside Eljay found a dragon fly inside we watched it for a little while then carefully caught it and released it, during group time Eljay wanted to tell everyone about the dragon fly and how we released it outside. To follow on from this we read Jilly and the Bully to the children. After reading that story the children wanted to read a couple more books while we waited for lunch, we read Superworm and Tiddles the story telling fish.

Ashy, Eljay and Axel completed some puzzles together and when they had a little bit of trouble they asked their friends to help them and if they still had some trouble Miss Daisy helped them complete it. Charlotte and Harrison drew lots of different pictures today they wanted to draw the different animals so they used the toy animals and traced around them to create the outline, when they were finished with that they coloured the pictures in and Harrison tried to write his name by himself.