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Monday 30th May, 2016

Good afternoon Families,

Today we had lots of fun, we started by playing with our new bikes outside, and playing in the sandpit, a couple of the children made some cakes outside, using the different ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs and bananas to go into the cake.

We then had our fitness class together, we got to play leap frog today with the help of our teacher. We also played lots of games which we had to find certain coloured objects out of the sandpit and run them over to the chosen area. We did lots of jumping and running to.

We had lots of fun inside today, we did show and tell which we are practicing asking questions to the people who are going the show and tell. We also used the boxes to create different tunnels around the mat, the children put these together and we had lots of fun crawling through them as fast as we could. We also pretended to go on a bear hunt where we used the tunnel to be the obstacles we had to pass.

We read the Gruffalo again today and decided to create our own special scary monsters, we made lots of different creatures but the main ones the children wanted to draw were zombies and spiders.

We looked at big and small today as well, some of the children wanted to do the worksheets which were different counting and size worksheets that we had lots of fun doing during our quiet play.   

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