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Monday 6th May, 2016

Good afternoon families,

This week we are looking at our health and hygiene, we started off our day with our fitness program, we pretended to be monsters and practice our hopping and balancing together.

We also continued our day with an activity which we pretended to spread germs around with everyone we started with painting Miss Daisy’s hand green to represent the germs and continued around the circle to see how far the germs can spread. We discussed when we wash our hands and spoke about how long we should wash our hands, we are now singing happy birthday while we wash our hands to ensure we wash it for long enough.

We also had lots of fun building different things today, we now have work in progress table which we are enjoying using, it will also encourage us to practice writing our names to go with our toys. We are also continuing our daily jobs and sign in please encourage your child to do this while your signing them in for the day.