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Monday 7th March, 2016

Today we had lots of fun recovering from the weekend today and were full of energy by the afternoon. We had an exciting day starting by playing outside and playing with our new cubby house outside, we brought some play toys with plates, bowls and play food outside and also some cushions for us to lie on. Mr Nick also brought us some drift wood, rocks and a big branch to use in our classroom so we had lots of fun using these on the science and nature tables, looking at them using the magnifying glasses and using the scales to weigh each of the rocks.

We also played with our new train set today, Harrison, Eljay, Gelina and Ashy played with them working together to build their very own track and played together nicely on it using the signs and houses as decorations around it.

We are learning about the letter L this week so we discussed what words we know begin with L and also looked at our special book with lots of words that begin with the letter L, while we discussed what words we know that begin with L, we also discussed what we can make that represents that letter so we decided to make a lion, we carefully glued each of the rectangles for the mane and drew our own eyes, nose and mouth onto the face. We also looked at the numbers 0 and 1 and used different worksheets to practice our writing and draw of these.

Evie and Charlotte did some painting as well today, where we discussed what colours we are using and what we are painting a picture of, we also tried and practiced writing our names today, with a bit of assistance we were able to do this and will continue practice throughout the program. Harrison and Axel played with the connector straws today, using the pictures to create the structures. Ashy and Eljay used the magnetic shapes today, they used it to make their own special pictures and we spoke about how they were magnetic and what else we is magnetic around us. IMAG0097 IMAG0098 IMAG0099 IMAG0100 IMAG0103