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Kindergarten One

12th January 2021

Jingeri Families and friends, we hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! We have been very busy this morning engaging in lots of learning activities. We started the morning outside, the sand pit was busy with friends baking a cake. Sophia and Rafaela were in the mud kitchen, using the bowls and sieves to make a salad cake. Rafaela continued to add sugar, salt, pepper, chocolate and some delicious strawberries. It was then placed in the oven to bake and served to Miss Kate and Jordie- YUM! Other friends were having lots of fun on the spin seats, we could hear lots of giggles from all friends. The obstacle course was set out for friends, some were developing their balance from the beams, climbing up onto the box and jumping off!

We welcomed Miss Kate with a Jingeri and chose a high 5, fist pump or cuddle. At group time we answered the roll saying Jingeri, this is welcome in Yugambeh language- which is the language of the Aboriginal people in the area in which we live. We warmed up our bodies to “Happy” and sang the days of the week.


Friends chose lots of fun learning activities this morning. The Playdough was certainly popular with friends using the tool and creating some more delicious treats like chips and sushi! Other friends pulled out the train track and constructed it together as a team. They then made the noises of cars and trucks zooming around the track and floor! Small world was also popular with friends using loose parts and the small animals to create a little farm land. Messy area was extremely fun today- we had yellow and blue paint in the trays where we used the rollers and then a stick to mark make in the paint. Friends also enjoyed using the easel to paint their masterpieces. In home corner friends were busy cooking too, and laying the table ready to eat.

Friends worked with Miss Kate finishing their “All about me” questions. Miss Kate has enjoyed this activity as she has found out lots about her new friends. Please can you bring in a family photo for our family tree.

This afternoon we engaged in some quiet activities, friends were interested in the flag puzzles. We discussed the Australian and Aboriginal flag, Miss Kate told friends the meaning of the flags and we headed over to the culture wall to look at the flag writing. To extend this we will be discussing where we are from and our cultures. It would be great if families could bring in something links to their culture, which will support us.

Thank you for a fabulous day Kindy One


Please ensure your child has a drink bottle, their hat and spare clothes.

We are grateful for friends who have provided us with the items we require and appreciate if others could bring these in soon.

Miss Kate, Mr Lachie and Miss Bea