Jingeri Families and Friends to Kindergarten One’s Troublesome Friday the 1st of October 2021

Before we begin here are some reminders:

  • Parent Teacher meetings are this week – We will be discussing Transition Statements in this meeting so please ensure you book your meeting. Even if your child is staying back please book a place. Miss Kate is looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you to those who I have already met with- it has been great to touch base and talk about the final steps in Kindergarten One.


Even though the weather was not great l this morning, it did not stop our friends from taking advantage of the situation outside. They still had fantastic morning exploring the sandpit area. They dug the sandpit using their trusty shovels and found water underneath deep under the sand. This urged our friends to start building a bridge over it. Other friends used the rainwater to make sandcastles and big sculptures. Of course, we can’t forget our dress up corner, it seems to be this week’s winner. Our friends really enjoy role playing as their favourite superhero and princess.

We then headed inside for our morning tea. We were first greeted by Miss Jess with a loud Jingeri greeting and our favorite hello (hug, fist pump or a big high five). We filled our hungry bellies with the yummy yogurt served with granola, banana and mango.

Once morning tea was finished, we sat on the mat and had our group time with Miss Jess. We asked if we could dance to The Macarena as our warmup song today before choosing our monitors. Our monitors were: Raphael, Kaia, Aaron, Sophia, Frankie and Amelia their roles were drink bottles, bags, hats, tables/chairs, area checker. We answered the roll in Welsh- the flag which Hari chose was Wales. Mr Pete explained that they say Bore Da in Wales. We sang the days of the week song and pronounced the date Thursday (Zara) 1st(Anthony) October (Frankie) 2021 (all friends). Mr Pete spoke about the activities we had planned for today, we are making cookies! Miss Bea bought the ingredients and told us we must design our Chef hats first. So, we split the class in half so they could enjoy Arakan while the other half completed their colorful Chef hats. At Arakan we enjoyed playing the zombie game which consists of throwing a soft plushie toy at your friends to turn them into zombies, the last survivor wins!

Our morning experiences consisted of Frankie, Anthony and Hari playing in our calm corner, they were playing with small Woollies Lego blocks. Sophia, Lola and Termeh were in our arts and craft corner. They drew the rocket from Little Einstein’s and said they wanted to go on an Adventure. Mark, Emily, Jordie, Toranj and Amelia were seated at the table with Miss Bea creating their Chef Hats. Aaron and Murray were playing with the bricks, they used them to create the Great wall of China. Max, Lucia and Raphael were playing with the puzzles, they managed to complete the big world map. Kaia, Zara and Zavier were all seated at the Loose parts table. They created small stick men as well as make their faces using the parts.

We packed away and got ready for lunch, we did our Daily Affirmations with Miss Jess. Once lunch was finished we sat on the mat and had some quite time before making our delicious cookies.

Thank you for a beautiful day, Kindy One we really loved our Fun Filled Friday. Enjoy your long weekend and be safe, Lots of love Kindy one Team.

Mr Pete, Miss Bea and Miss Jess

(Miss Kate is away)