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Jingeri friends and families of our wonderful Kindergarten 1 class, we hope that everyone has had a FANTASIC FRIYAY just like we all have here in Kindergarten 1 with all our friends, Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea! Welcome to our Friday the 23rd of April blog here is a snippet on how we spent this beautiful day…

Firstly we would like to thank all our friends and families who attended our ANZAC service this afternoon, we had all been working so hard on practicing all our songs to preform to you all and our soldiers we did an AMZAING job! We are all so proud of all our friends.

When we all arrived this morning, we all couldn’t wait to see all our friends for the day! We had so many fun and exciting things planned for today we couldn’t wait to begin our day! When played with all our friends in our Kindergarten 1 room until it was warm enough to head out and play in the sunshine! We had friends ZOOMING around and down the ramp and deck on the red bikes, reading books and stories to one another on the reading area with pillows, constructing towers using the flower connectors, digging for treasure in the sandpit just like the pirates would!

We headed inside a little bit earlier today so we would get a head start on our day! This morning friends were welcomed by Miss Kate with a high 5, fist pump or a hug and a big Jingeri (Welcome in Yugambeh Language). We then put our hats away on the hat racks, and made our way over to the group time mat with Miss Shannen today, we marked and welcomed all our friends to the day with todays country language – FRENCH we all said Bonjour. We then danced our way into FriYAY with our warm up dance, Miss Shannen picked our song today and we all absolutely loved it! We danced along to the song Peanut Butter Jelly, Miss Shannen showed us some moves and we all copied we had one big dance party! We then re joined back on the group time mat where we sung our days of the week, welcome to country and our weather bird flew to the window and told us what the weather was doing outside We then recapped all our sound and letters we have been learning and then refreshed on our letter of the week ‘P’. See it, say it, write it – we used our magic pens and wrote the letter P (down the pirates plait and around his face) Friends then put their thinking caps on and we all brainstormed together and contributed to adding words to the board that started with the letter P (popcorn, pen, pet, pumpkin, pocket, pizza and Miss Kate and Miss Shannen’s favourite colour purple)

Our friends all had hungry bellies and this morning we were in for a real treat – we had yummy custard and fresh fruit pieces – peaches and mango. We ate it all up and more! We filled up all our bellies just in time for Arakan with Mr Dan (we had our friends go to Arakan in 2 small groups) while the other group got messy with Miss Bea and made Anzac biscuits for us all to enjoy, we had so much fun making them yesterday that we thought we would make them again today, we all took turns with mixing in and adding the ingredients into the big bowl with help from Miss Bea when needed. Once all the ingredients were mixed we each rolled the mixture into small balls and placed them on the tray for Miss Bea to cook.

We also had friends making small poppies for us to wear for our ANZAC service with Miss Holly, friends finished off their Mothers Day drawings, and on the remaining tables we had friends enjoy the small blocks, and getting creative with the red playdough making objects starting with the letter P we had princess, poppies, pizza’s, pasta and much more!

We were all having so much fun with all our activities that we lost track of time – it was time to pack away and get ready for lunch but before we did that we did our Affirmations. I am strong, kind, pretty, beautiful, big, happy, amazing, loved, good, powerful and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY! And that’s exactly what we did today – we had the BEST day.

Lunch today our friends all built their very own mini burgers with lots of yummy ingredients and how can we forget the sauce to go on top! We all did so well with making our burger we could open our own burger shop!

For the rest of the afternoon we rested our minds and bodies as we drew in our journals and today we drew what we were grateful for…

We also had some friends go and help Miss Kate and Miss Shannen set up and decorate our ANZAC service area down in the Pre/ Senior Kindy yard.

Just before we joined our friends from Kindergarten 2 in one last practice for our Anzac service, Miss Kate and Miss Shannen’s friend Chad came in for a visit and a show and tell with all our friends, Chad was a leading chef in the Navy and served for our country, Chad brought in his medals and photos of when he was over in Afghanistan. Our friends had lots of question for Chad.

We have had a very busy and fun day today and what a great day to finish off the week with. We hope that all our friends and families have a lovely long weekend and are able to pay their respects on Sunday for ANZAC day. We are closed on Monday 26th and re open on Tuesday 27th.

Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx