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Jingeri to all our beautiful families from Kindergarten One and welcome to our daily blog in this last day of the month of April with Miss Kate, Miss Shannen, Miss Bea and Mister Pete.

A few remembers before we tell you about our day:

  • Next Monday the 3rd of May we will be closed due to the public Holiday, Re opening Tuesday the 4th of May
  • Our mid year Parent/Teacher Interviews start on the 10th of May (please make sure you have filled in an available spot to attend) We would love to be able to see all our families for a little chat in preparation for your child to attend school next year. (If you are unable to make any of the times or days please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen)
  • Mothers Day celebration is happening on the Friday 7th of May to be held at the Benowa Park from 3:30pm – 4:40pm. We hope to see you all there (Please note that if you wish for your child to attend, they will need to be with you at the park)

This morning after all the rain, our yard was still wet and a bit slippery, so we decided to have some fun in the sand pit with our KG 2 friends, children enjoyed the wooden blocks, others were working making big sandcastles and cakes, and for the dancers we played our Friday reproduction list to wake up our bodies with some bubbles floating around us!!

Once inside we joined Miss Bea on the mat to pass the roll, today we picked Saudi Arabia flag that was very tricky for all of us but we made a big effort! We also did our funky dance, talk about the weather, date and remind all the different sounds we have been learning until now, as Miss Bea was a bit lost about the routine of the group time, all the kids have been helping her a lot!!

After the delicious morning tea of granola with custard and peaches we split the class in 2 groups, half of the class went to Arakan with Mister Dan, the other half stayed inside playing in the Cloud Café, the cars were also very popular, and we got also an activity related to our Nature week:

Miss Bea planted some Mandarin seeds with friends. This stemmed from Miss Bea eating a mandarin on Tuesday. Friends wanted to explore the seeds, we soaked them in water and today friends took turns to plant them in a pot. Now we have to wait and take care of them to see if luckily, we see them grow!

Children also had a turn to Miss Shannen to finish their beautiful present to mother’s day, we can’t wait for the day so your children can give them to you, they have been putting lots of love and effort on them!

After a big play we packed away and we joined Miss Bea on the mat make a big circle and talk about we are grateful for: we heard beautiful things, some of the children said that they feel grateful of making this present for their mummys 😊 we also read the book Hello Tillie and had a disco time dancing our favurites songs at the moment.

For lunch we got vegan burgers full of goodness and taste, then we joined Miss Shannen on the mat when suddenly we started hearing big thunders outside ,so we decided to play thunder music to work in our journals and express what has been the best part of the day.

Thanks so much for one more amazing week full of learning and fun Kindergarten one, we wish you a beautiful and cosy long weekend with your beloveds.

Lots of love Miss Kate Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxx