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Jingeri friends and families, welcome to Fun Filled, Funky, Fabulous FRIDAY!!!! This week is flying by with having so much fun. Today friends we bursting with fun outside in the beautiful sunshine! To get everyone in the Friday Feeling we had a dance party! Friends also enjoyed the obstacle course, Reading books, Exploring the sandpit where we had pirates jumping off the plank into the deep ocean!

Once inside we sat down for group time, Acknowledged the country, answered the roll, for our Friday Feeling dance Rapha chose his favourite song “Let’s get down to business” we discussed our feelings, days, date and weather and of course recapped our sounds. Soon it was time to transition to morning tea, today we worked on our numbers. Morning tea today was delicious beans and bread – Thank you Miss Kristie it was super Yummy!

Affirmation time, today friends chose: I am, strong, beautiful, hardworking, kind, grateful, happy, loved, big, blessed and confident.


Lucia, Zara and Frankie role played with the small dolls and the trees. Frankie used a block as a phone and called his Mum!

Termeh, Lola, Murray and Luke drew beautiful pictures, we had rainbows, a park and even a Mummy and Baby!

Toby, Sophia, and Kaia used the shape blocks to construct a tower, castle and a house with a “Pointy roof”

Rapha, Aaron, Max, Zavier and Anthony constructed the road with the cars. It was like the Grand Prix with them zooming the cars around the track!

Audrey and Toranj explored the books and relaxing area, they sat with the new Affirmation sensory bottles chilling out!

Mark, Fynlee, Hari, Rosie, Milly and Rafi explore the playdough. They made delicious pizza! Miss Bea joined in the fun and they began spinning it on they fingers.

Luke, Max, Toby and Rapha explored the shape picture puzzles, Rapha was very proud of his flower!

Café was busy with Zavier, Lola, Frankie and Sophia. cooking pizza, cakes, making coffee, smoothies and even unicorn pasta!

Some friends finished off their Easter craft- which is looking eggsellent!!

This afternoon we engaged in quiet activities and discussed our favourite books. Miss Kate read the Gruffalo and everyone laughed at her different voices!

Journals: Miss Kate showed us that we have our own journals “At rest time we sat by ourself and drew either “I am grateful for” or “I am…” or “The best part of the day” Today Murray chose for us to draw “what we are grateful for” and friends drew some beautiful pictures


  • We would love to see some parents come in for “Harmony Day” and discuss their culture. Please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen if you are interested.
  • Please ensure your child has their drink bottle, hat and spare clothes in their bag.
  • Reminder that children need to be wearing sunsafe clothing i.e Tops/dresses with sleeves.
  • Easter Party 31st March 3.30pm-4.30pm Benowa Park


Have the Best Weekend

Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea