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Jingeri families and friends- HAPPY FRIDAY! And what better way to celebrate a Friday with Funky Hair day!! Friends were going crazy this morning and having a lots of laughter with everyone arriving. We had spikes, rainbow hair, cupcake hair, spider hair and so much more! Friends were even getting their face painted by Miss Andressa, which was even more exciting! Most friends were lined up waiting for this  but others were busy playing with the activities we out in the yard. The Sandpit was quieter than usual but friends were still enjoying the obstacle course and baking in the mud kitchen. We also had the train track to construct and the fort area. Friends were super excited to see Miss Kate and Miss Shannen’s cupcake hair!

Once inside we mixed up our routine with having morning tea first, yummy beans and bread. We then, of course had a group photo of all our amazing funky hair. ( Many Thanks to the gold coin donations) Some friends then went to Arakan, Mr Dan was back from having some time off this his new beautiful baby.  Other friends explored the classroom, home corner was busy with friends cooking and mixing. Cars were pulled out and raced around the room zooooooooooom! Miss Shannen brought in some Easter colouring and friends were super excited to get creative. Other friends engaged in the shape puzzles and magnetic letters, practising to spell their names. We are nearly finished with our café sign, but it needed another coat. Friends quickly helped Miss Shannen paint it once more. Some friends enjoyed talking about the what can you see, outside. Today they spoke about how it was still cloudy, but not as cloudy as yesterday! Dinosaur area was popular, friends role played using the hot larva to cover the dinosaurs all over! We also practised our sound writing, the sounds we have learned so far (m,a,s,t) this became a little trend and friends were stating the rhymes out loud around the room.

Our Affirmations today were beautiful, with some friends at Arakan only some were able to engage but it was still amazing. We had I am…… Beautiful, Brave, Grateful, A great Friend, Kind, Big, Strong, Going to have the best day.

I am Grateful for….. It’s the weekend, Its funky hair day, My Mum, My Dad, My sister and Brother, Yummy Food, A Beautiful Teacher.

It was soon time for lunch, yummy sushi bowl! We then rested our bodies- especially our bellies with some calm rest time, music and reading books. After we engaged in quiet activities, puzzles, fine motor skills threading, reading books, drawing, magnetic connectors and shape connectors.


Excursion Friday 26th February- HOTA

IF any parents are willing to share their culture for Harmony day Please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen (22nd March)

Thank you for a Funky Friday and a beautiful week Kindy One

Have the Best weekend- We look forward to seeing you Monday!

Miss Kate and Miss Shannen