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Jingeri families and friends, and what a wet wet day it is today. We stayed inside this morning to begin with, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We engaged in the drums from KG2 Miss Kate could hear the beat from downstairs! With Miss Shannen being away today we welcomed Mr Lachie to the room, friends were super excited to have him for the day and it was great to see him! We were able to head outside to the sand pit to play for a little while. Friends explored digging, the obstacle course for balancing and climbing. The Mud kitchen was busy with friends baking cakes and making smoothies. Bock building construction was also great, friends made a castle and a tall tower!

Once on the mat we Acknowledged the Country, warm up our bodies to “Down to Business” (Everyone has been singing this song none stop- Thank you Rapha!! 😊) We found out the weather, Miss Kate introduced our new “Yugambeh language weather chart” We used our usual weather symbols but also used the yugambeh language one too, Murray chose that it was raining today so “wet” which is “Jabang”. We found out the day, date and recapped our sounds. Today Miss Kate introduced “d” as our sound of the week, it bounces and to write it we go “around the dinosaurs bottom and up and down his long neck! Words beginning with “d” we thought of were:














The cloud café was in full swing this morning, Aaron was enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate. Anthony was busy being the chef and making delicious oats and berries! Mr Lachie made playdough with a huge group of friends, they chose “orange” as we are celebrating Harmony Day! Other friends enjoyed role playing their educators, Zara took lead as Miss Kate and sat in her chair while others sat on the mat having fun pretending. Miss Kate was busy with friends drawing themselves on card, we had people linking arms as templates and friends created their own self. This was is celebration of harmony day, we discussed this afternoon how we are the same and how we are different. Will be continuing this as well as extending it tomorrow. Again, we would love if parents could share some culture aspects, you are welcome to come in and share experiences or bring something in that we could discuss. Please see Miss Kate if you are interested.

Affirmations today: I am….. beautiful, blessed, strong, brave, loved, helpful and going to have the best day.

I am grateful for…. My Mum, My Dad, My house, My beautiful teacher, Having Mr Lachie, Being able to go to the beach.


This afternoon we chose to draw what we were grateful for in our journals, we then engaged in quite activities such as culture matching game, flag puzzles, block construction, small world dolls and magnetic letters.



  • Easter Part 31st March 3.30pm-4.30pm. Please pick your child up and make your way to Benowa Park – Evans Drive and Sylvan Drive.
  • Hungry Caterpillar Excursion Friday 26th March- Please ensure your child has their drink bottle and is wearing a WHITE top.
  • Centre is closed 2.4.21 and the 5.4.21 for Easter.