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Jingeri l friends and families, we hope that everyone has had a beautiful Thursday just like we all have here at Kindy! A friendly reminder that this up coming Friday the 12th of March is crazy hair day! We cant wait to see all what you all come up with getting creative and using all your imagination – We will be having a group photo of the class with all our crazy hair for all to see.

We are also kindly asking if any of our wonderful parents or friends would like to come in on Harmony Day that is on the 22nd of March to share with our Kindergarten 1 class all about your individual cultures  – if you would like to come in please come and see either Miss Kate or Miss Shannen we love having parent and family input into our program. We would like to thank all our parents and friends who have been signing in and out your child on pick up and drop off using the ipad that is located on the Kindergarten noticeboard it is a big help when this is done so thank you!

Last but not least we are looking for parents and friends to come along and help us for our big day out on our up coming adventure to the HOTA to see the Hungry Caterpillar theatre, if you think you maybe be able to help or assist us please speak to Miss Kate or Miss Shannen.

This morning was very wet, we still headed out but stuck to the sandpit area! Frankie and Zavier were building Miss Kate a huge castle. While Murray, Kaia and Toby filled a big bucket full of sand as a team. They were baking a cake, and sprinkling on sparkles and icing! The obstacle course was across the sand pit, friends went on an adventure across the hot larva and made it safely to the other side!! We also had friends baking pies, cupcakes and pizza in the MUD kitchen, Rapha said, “Miss Kate I made this for you, it’s hot so becareful”

Before we knew it the time flew by and it was time to head indoors and start our daily program with Miss Kate, This morning friends were welcomed by Miss Kate with a high 5, fist pump or a hug and a big Jingeri (Welcome in Yugambeh Language). We put away our hats, washed our hands and joined Miss Kate on the mat. We started our day off with our warm up, we chose “I gotta feeling” We also answered the roll in Spanish, however the flag was Costa Rica so we learned that they speak Spanish and we researched where it is on the map. We sang the days of the week, found out the date and recapped our sound and letter of the week ‘T’ – Miss Kate told us a little song about writing the letter T using our magic pen – down the tall tower, across the tall tower. We have been busy thinking of lots of “t” words













We continued with our affirmations and mirror where each day one by one our friend comes up to the mirror and says I am….. Miss Kate them writes on the mirror what our friends say. Friends are confidently stating I am… Beautiful, Strong, Brave, nice, kind, enough, Safe and Kind. The children then transitioned to morning tea that Miss Shannen had set up for us all and this morning we all enjoyed some delicious fresh cake and banana.

Today we had all self selected activities that the children all picked – drawing, friends have been getting creative and having beautiful discussions about what they can see outside. The train track was popular, Miss Kate challenged friends to make it as long as possible, which they succeeded in! Home corner was fun, friends dressed up and poured some tea from the tea pot. Our calm area was very relaxing today, friends read stories, laid on the cushions and enjoyed some relaxing. The Dinosaur area was busy today, Frankie was playing hide and seek with the dinosaurs, behind the tree. We also finished off our cloud sign, Miss Shannen cut it out and we began our “Specials” board by painting the cardboard. Trucks were also popular, along with the cars. Miss Kate worked with friends practising our sounds and numbers.

We discussed what we are grateful for before lunch, Friends came up with some lovely answers some examples were

For My Mum, For my Dad, That I have a home, That I have a comfy bed, My friends, My teachers, yummy food.

We also engaged in Yoga with Miss Hayley, this relaxed us before our yummy food. We stretched with a variety of poses, engaged in hop little bunnies and meditated ready to fill our bellies.

Once we finished lunch we enjoyed some quite time and quite activities for the rest of the afternoon. Its been a great day thank you friends for sharing you day with us see you all tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx