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Kindergarten One

Thursday 14th January 2021

Jingeri Families and Friends we hope you are having a beautiful day. We were having lots of fun this morning outside with all our friends. Miss Kate sat with a group reading, “There was an old lady who swallowed a thong”. While other friends enjoys playing chase with each other, friends are certainly enjoying running up and down the ramp! The sand pit was busy with some friends creating some delicious meals in the mud kitchen, today we had sushi being made. Other friends were going on a dragon hunt with Miss Bea.

Once inside we welcomed each other and sat to answer the roll, Zara remembered that “Jingeri” means “Welcome” and Zavier remembered it was in Yugambeh Language which is the language of the Aboriginal people (Fynlee remembered this) in the area in which we live. We warmed up our bodies and minds to “Savage Love” that friends requested. We sang the days of the week and together we worked out the date. We then recapped what we discussed yesterday, which was what we would do for a fire drill. Friends remembered we would drop what we are doing and head to the bathroom door. Miss Kate set the challenge of if we heard “Fire” from an educator we would drop and walk to the bathroom door.


Friends chose a number of beautiful learning activities today, The reading garden was popular with friends relaxing and exploring different books. Small world was also popular, the fire trucks and cars were pulled out and friends were role playing “Fire, Fire”. The occupation game was popular too with friends dressing the person as a nurse, fireman, vet and many more. Playdough was lots of fun, friends used the playdough tools to roll out the dough and flatten it. Drawing was also popular with friends being artist using multiple colours.

In the middle of group time we hear Mr Lachie shouting “Fire, Fire!!” We all quickly stopped what we were doing and headed to the bathroom door. We then counted to make sure we had everyone and headed out to the yard. Miss Kate then called the roll and we made our way back inside. Friends engaged in this extremely well, we were quick, used walking feet and knew exactly what to do. Friends were rewarded with stamps and points for achieving this.

This afternoon Miss Bea spoke to friends about her family, she showed them a photo of her family and about her Mum and Dad. Friends then spoke about their family and Miss Bea asked if they could bring in a photo for our family tree. Thank you to the families that have brought this in already, if others could please join us we would appreciate this.

This afternoon we also celebrated Zavier’s birthday! HAPPY BRITHDAY ZAVIER!! Thank you so much for the yummy cupcakes!

Thank you for a great day

Miss Kate, Mr Lachie and Miss Bea


  • Please be mindful that our sun safe policy states children need to wear sun safe clothing. By this we would be grateful if you can ensure they are wearing clothes with sleeves (t-shirt length)
  • Please ensure your child has a drink bottle, their hat and spare clothes.
  • We are grateful for friends who have provided us with the items we require and appreciate if others could bring these in soon.