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Jingeri friends and families, welcome to Thursday! This week is flying by with having so much fun. Today friends started in Kindy 2 class. When Miss Kate came in everyone was excited to show her what they had been up to. Jordie took a big interest in the “drums” they had as well as all the different jewelry. She told Miss Kate she was the Queen of Drums! Thankfully the rain didn’t appear this morning so outside we headed, friends enjoyed the obstacle course- especially the spinning seats and balance beams. Miss Bea was busy reading stories to friends on the mat, while other friends constructed the train track across the grass.

Once inside we sat down for group time, Acknowledged the country, answered the roll, discussed our feelings, days, date and weather and of course recapped our sounds. Soon it was time to transition to morning tea, today we worked on our numbers. Morning tea today was delicious cake and banana- Thank you Miss Kristie it was super Yummy!

Affirmation time, today friends chose: I am, strong, beautiful, hardworking, kind, grateful, happy, loved, fast and confident.

Activity time was so much fun, friends imaginative play is oozing out of the Cloud Café and today was great fun to observe. Rapha was the waiter, taking the orders and busy making the drinks- smoothie and coffee Max and Hari ordered! They then chose toast with vegemite and pizza for food, Lucia was the chef who work very hard to cook up some delicious food. Miss Kate placed out some sensory paint bags with Easter colours for friends to mix up, She also gave them a paddle pop stick to practice writing their sounds or names. We also we finished our Easter craft- we won’t say too much about this as it is a surprise!! Playdough was popular with friends today they created Easter eggs by rolling and then squishing the dough. Frankie decided to created a huge sausage! This is great for developing friends fine motor skills. The trucks were popular amongst some of the boys, they carried the horse box and lines up different cars. Some of the girls decided to role play “Teachers” they mimicked Miss Kate, Miss Bea and Miss Shannen PERFECTLY! The calm area was nice and relaxing, friends laid down and watched the new affirmation sensory bottles.

Another discussion today was What we are grateful for, we had many different reasons to be grateful for, some of these were : My mum, my beautiful teachers, having toys, my house, my bed, yummy food, my friends.

Miss Hayley came for yoga this morning we were nice and relaxed after our gratitude session



This afternoon we engaged in quiet activities which included fine motor threading, puzzles, bingo, snap and shape connectors.


  • HOTA excursion Friday 26th March- Friends need to be at Kindy by 9am, please ensure your child is wearing a white top. We also require a water bottle, which they will be responsible for carrying to the show.
  • We are asking parents if they would like to share their culture for Harmony day on Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd. Please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen.
  • Easter Party 31st March 3.30pm-4.30pm Benowa Park – Evans Drive and Sylvan Drive

It has been a very busy day, we have all had a great day together here in Kindergarten 1

Enjoy your evenings, see you tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Bea and Miss Shannen xx