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Jingeri Families and Friends we hope that all our friends each enjoyed your week with lots of changed brought in this week please read the following:

Due to the situation taking place in Greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Byron Bay Farm and Byron Bay Beach Hotel and the new restrictions on the Gold Coast we have had to:

  • Cancel our Easter Celebrations with our families.  The children will still get a visit from the Easter Bunny!
  • We will return to foyer collection & drop-off, commencing at pick-up time today with Benowa Early Learning Centre having Educators running between rooms and the foyer – no families to enter rooms or yards please
  • Please contact us immediately if you or your immediate family / children have visited the ‘reported locations’, This includes any of the GOLD COAST ones
  • We have just been advised that ANY staff member who has been into the greater Brisbane Area of either Moreton, Redlands, Ipswich, Brisbane or Logan since 20 March is NOT ALLOWED on site till after Easter.
  • Furthermore, any child or parent/carer that has been to Greater Brisbane since the 20 March is also not allowed to attend the centre till after the Easter long weekend.  EVEN IF YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL WORKER YOUR CHILD/REN ARE REQUIRED TO STAY HOME. 
  • Please ensure you have read the NEW GOLD COAST LOCATIONS and you are taken the correct steps in getting tested.

To let all our Kindy One families, know, due to knew dates Miss Shannen and Miss Bea is now not allowed on site until after Easter. If you have any questions, please see Miss Kate.

Welcome to our blog for Thursday 1st April- We cannot believe we are in April and Happy April Fools day!!! Here is a little snippet on our day…  When we all arrived this morning, some friends were still playing downstairs- they found this exciting. Mr Pete had taken some toys downstairs to engage with such as puzzles, blocks and drawing. When Miss Kate arrived she could here music and friends were already up dancing having a fun fabulous dance party- we can see everyone has the Friday feeling and is looking forward to the long weekend.

We then headed inside to start our day and daily program with Miss Kate on the mat, we welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers, said our Acknowledgement of the country. Friends chose

We found out the day and date- Miss Kate informed us it was now April! Aaron added, “Its my birthday in April!”

We recapped our sounds, practised writing with our “magic Pens” m, a, d, s, t! We counted 1-20 and backwards- which shot us up to space when we hit zero!

Once we had finished our group time, we all transitioned by Jumping our names to the bathroom to wash our hands ready for morning tea! Once our bellies were full and we spoke to friends about their plans for the weekend- Zara is off camping tonight!! We then joined Miss Kate back on the group time mat for our Affirmations – our friends looked in the mirror with I am…. Strong, Beautiful, Enough, Kind, A great friend, brave, thankful, BIG, loved, confident, healthy, super and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!

Aaron, Mark and Anthony used the big trucks to move the little cars and horse box around the room.

Jordie, Termeh, Toranj and Luke constructed with the wooden blocks- they made a big castle.

Jasmine, Zara and Emily were playing teachers they sang “everybody sit down” Zara played Miss Shannen, Jasmine played Miss Bea and Emily was Miss Kate- the girls played us very well!!

The cloud café was busy with Leon, Toby, Max and Rafi. Rafi was the waitress and took the orders. She even brought Miss Kate a coffee.

Frankie and Murray matched the Easter egg pattern game.

Hari, Kaia and Anthony practised their fine motor skills with Easter Egg threading.


After discussing what we are grateful for we enjoyed our delicious lunch and then rested our bodies and minds with some music and books. We then drew in our journals today we chose to draw what we are most excited for.

This afternoon Miss Kate decided we needed to have some fun as the Party had been cancelled- we had an Easter egg hunt with Kindy 2 friends and egg and spoon race! We then danced the afternoon away!

Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Have the Best Long weekend!

Miss Kate and Miss Hollie

We will also be closed this Friday the 2nd and 5th of April for the Easter break. We hope that all our friends and families all have a wonderful break, Stay Safe.