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Jingeri friends and families of our Kindergarten 1 class, we hope that all our friends and families all enjoyed their evening and are all having a beautiful Thursday just like we all did here in Kindergarten 1! This is how we spent our day with all our friends, Miss Kate, Miss Bea and Miss Shannen….

Before we begin here are some reminders:

  • ANZAC day is this week we are looking for photos of family members in the military. If you have any please bring in or email to the office for us then to print and display.
  • Please join us for our ANZAC service THIS FRIDAY 23rd April at 2.30pm in the PK/SK yard – siblings all welcome.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings are filling up- Please place your child’s name in a slot (the sheet is by the Ipad) These will begin May 10th. We will be discussing new goals and anything our friends may need to develop as well as School reediness. A meeting with your teacher is the first step to a collaborative partnership focused on the best interests of your child.

This morning it was yet another beautiful morning here at the Hills, and we all love playing and dancing outside, the fresh mornings really wake us up for our fun day! Friends were already exploring the yard, the bike were zooming up and down the ramp and deck. With friends being interested in the babies and role playing being their wonderful Mums we pulled out the dolls and let friends use their imaginative play. We also had the water connectors out in the water tray, friends enjoyed splishing and splashing! Miss Shannen created a relaxing construction area with cushions and connector blocks. We also had the obstacle course out for friends to develop their gross motor skills- today friends enjoyed the spinning seats the most!

Once it was time to head inside to begin our program for the day and fill up our hungry bellies with delicious morning tea. We all lined up as strong and tall soldiers before marching our way back inside putting our hats away and joining Miss Kate on the mat. We quickly answered the roll in Portuguese. Miss Kate then told us we were going to have morning tea straight away as we were heading down to PK/SK to practise for ANZAC service. Today was delicious baked beans and bread- YUMMY!!! At morning tea we discussed what ingredients for ANZAC biscuits, friends were quick to state flour, oats and sugar. Some friends stated eggs and chocolate but sadly they aren’t in them. We looked at all the ingredients that Miss Shannen were getting ready as when we got back to class we would be making them!

When everyone had finished eating and packed away their plates, chairs and water bottles we all joined Miss Kate back on the group time mat for our group time. We warmed up our bodies to Rapha’s song and quickly found out the day, date and weather. We then engaged in our affirmations. Today as a group we repeated affirmations then Miss Kate stated that one by one we would look in the mirror and state our affirmation, Miss Kate would write it on the mirror. I am… Big, Powerful, blessed, enough, beautiful, powerful, strong, brave, kind, a great friend, capable, confident and GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!

We soon headed down for our practise, we were super excited to join our friends in the other rooms. We sat quietly while Miss Kate explained the order- which we already knew as we have been great listeners! We acknowledged the country, stated the ode of remembrance and sang our songs. Our educators were super proud of us!


Back in class we decided to make the biscuits all together. Friends listened carefully to instructions and all had a turn to tip the ingredients into the bowl. We then gave it a big mix and scooped out a little ball and placed it on a baking tray. Miss Bea explained that one table was the dry ingredients and the other table were the wet ingredients. We had lots of fun mixing the ingredients. Miss Bea then placed the tray in the oven and they smelled delicious while cooking.

We also engaged in making our mother’s day gifts, selecting coloured paints that we all wanted to use – pastels (we cant say to much as it won’t be a surprise for all our Mums and special friends)

Soon it was time for lunch, we filled our bellies up before relaxing and journaling.

This afternoon we engaged in quiet activities, friends enjoyed drawing, cars and trucks and the doll house with all the dolls. Kindy 2 then joined us to  practise our ANZAC service songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqtttbbYfSM

Ode of remembrance

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.

We would love if families could support friends in learning these.

Thank you friends for another great day, enjoy all your evenings.

Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Bea and Miss Shannen xx