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Jingeri friends and families of our beautiful Kindergarten 1 class, we hope that everyone has had a beautiful day just like we all have here in Kindergarten 1 with Miss Kate, Miss Shannen, Miss Bea and all our friends, this is our Blog for Thursday 29th April 2021.

A few remembers before we tell you all about our day:

  • Next Monday the 3rd of May we will be closed due to the public Holiday, Re opening Tuesday the 4th of May
  • Our mid year Parent/Teacher Interviews start on the 10th of May (please make sure you have filled in an available spot to attend) We would love to be able to see all our families for a little chat in preparation for your child to attend school next year. (If you are unable to make any of the times or days please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen)
  • Mothers Day celebration is happening on the Friday 7th of May to be held at the Benowa Park from 3:30pm – 4:40pm. We hope to see you all there (Please note that if you wish for your child to attend, they will need to be with you at the park)

We were having lots of fun in the yard this morning, exploring all the lovely activities that were waiting for our arrival. Friends were laughing with joy when Miss Kate arrived. We soon headed inside early as Miss Kate had big plans for today. Miss Shannen took group time today and we warmed up to- Rapha’s song – of course!! Once our bodies and minds were ready for learning we sang the days of the week and months of the year. Our weather bird then stated it was sunny and cloudy- nyungal and joongun in Yugambeh. We found out the date and counted 1-20 and 10-1! We then transitioned by clapping each others names, we placed on sunscreen and washed our hands sparkling clean.

Today’s morning tea was delicious beans and bread, with some fruit! Friends ate this up and Aaron said it was going to make him big and strong!!  Miss Kate then sat down with us on the mat and explained the plan for today. She told us we were going to celebrate Nature day. She asked, “What is Nature?” hmmm this got friends thinking, with some debate we looked outside the window and Zavier said, “Trees are Nature” Miss Kate praised him, and soon other friends were thinking of examples. We then put our hats on and headed outside- Wow friends said as there were lots of fun things to engage in.

Miss Shannen was going to finish off Mothers’ Day cards, there was a playdough table with leaves, sticks and stones. Friends loved this table we had caterpillars, ghosts, and birthday cakes being made. Miss Bea discussed with friends leaf imprints and this sparked a big interest with friends, they collected a variety of leaves and started pushing them into the playdough. Another table there were magnifying glasses, we headed around the yard examining leaves, bark, and creepy crawlies! A small group at a time worked with Miss Kate, we had clip boards, and had things to find around the yard. One group successfully found a butterfly and another lay down on the grass in search of birds- Which they found a huge flock flying by in the sky! In the water tray we explored sinking and floating. Friends notices the leaves floated on top of the water, but the rocks sunk straight to the bottom! Before heading in, we laid down and relaxed visualising what we were grateful for. Lots of friends were grateful for exploring outside, others were grateful for their friends, yummy beans and their 3 beautiful educators!! We then headed inside and ate our lunch, before relaxing our very tired bodies. Miss Kate read “Stick man”. Friends seemed eager to make stick men- which gave Miss Kate an idea for tomorrow/ next week. After journaling our Affirmations, we engaged in quiet activities. We played Dominoes, construction bricks, bingo and drew beautiful pictures

We apologise the photos wouldn’t upload today- please see our Nature fun printed with the program on our notice board.

Thank you friends for a great day! See you all tomorrow  Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx