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Jingeri families and friends, another beautiful Sunny day here at The Hills. Welcome to our blog for Tuesday 13th April 2021.

Before we begin here are some reminders:

  • Please ensure you have a mask when entering the Centre and stay near the noticeboard/outside.
  • ANZAC day is next week- we are looking for photos of family members in the military. If you have any please bring in or email to the office.
  • Please join us for our ANZAC service Friday 23rd April at 2.30pm in the PK/SK yard.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings are filling up- Please place your child’s name in a slot (the sheet is by the Ipad) These will begin May 10th. We will be discussing new goals and anything our friends may need to develop as well as School reediness. A meeting with your teacher is the first step to a collaborative partnership focused on the best interests of your child.

We began our day in KG2- friends were enjoying a variety of activities when Miss Kate arrived and soon headed out into the sunshine. Miss Bea placed on some upbeat music and friends enjoyed putting on a show singing and dancing! Other friends enjoyed the obstacle course- especially the spinning seats! Of course friends also enjoyed the running game up and down the ramp! Amelia and Fynlee made Miss Kate a pizza in the sandpit- it was delicious.

Once inside we began our group time- we acknowledged the country, warmed up to “I’m still standing” We sang the days of the week, found out the date and weather and recapped our letters and sounds. This week sound it “n” we practisised saying it and then with our magic pens we went “Down Nobby and over his net”. Friends then thought of some “n” words














We then transitioned with stating the opposite to what Miss Kate said. For example, “wet” and “dry”. We sat down to eat our delicious morning tea and discussed how we were all feeling today. After we finished our cake and fruit we headed to the mat where we engaged in our Affirmations- I am Big, thankful, beautiful, powerful, happy, grateful, peaceful. Next it we were ready for activities, on one side of the room Miss Bea engaged in yoga with us, we practised different poses, the freeze game.

On the other side of the room friends were busy making poppies- we painted plates bright red. We also engaged in small block construction where we copied the photos. Mr Pete made red playdough for us and we used the ANZAC mats to create poppies, ANZAC biscuits, medals for the soldiers and the flags. We also have red rice in the black tray- Miss Kate asked us to draw poppies or write our sounds. Out on the balcony we request green shaving foam- Kaia and Frankie covered their arms and pretended to be the hulk!! We also engaged in the doll house and cars.

Soon it was lunch time- yummy noodles today! Friends went off to gym with Miss Kate and the others rested their bodies and minds before we all journaled what we were grateful for.

This afternoon we practised our ANZAC service songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqtttbbYfSM

And engaged in quite table activities

Thanks for a great day Kindy One

Miss Kate, Miss Shannen, Miss Bea and Mr Pete