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Jingeri friends and families, we hope you all enjoyed your Monday evening and a huge Happy Tuesday. We had had a Terrific Tuesday here at Kindergarten One, this is what we got up to today….

When our friends arrived at kindy they were all so excited to see Miss Shannen’s hot air balloon above our Café. Frankie said,” The air balloon looks so real, how high can it go?”

Just after 9am we headed inside to start our daily program and fill up our bellies with yummy morning tea that Miss Kristie had made for us all. We put away our hats and had a big drink of water before joining Miss Kate down on the group time. We Acknowledged the Country, answered the roll in English as the flag was the United Kingdom, we warmed up our bodies and mind. Rafaela was the weather bir to see what the weather was like outside as well as say the day of the week.

Morning tea the children all enjoyed yummy apple crumble with custard. Once we had all finished eating our morning tea we went straight into activity time.  Friends were super excited to play in the Cloud Café. Anthony and Frankie our head Chefs made some gourmet lasagne. Lucia along with Zara were taking orders from the phone and computer. Aaron with Zara’s orders was making some scrumptious Chocolate ice cream that Amelia had ordered. The investigation area as well as Cars were popular among some of the boys with Maxwell, Murray, Zavier and Kaia. They constructed the wooden road and made their own road rules along with obstacles spread out on the road.

Zavier and Maxwell created a zoo for the dinosaurs in the Investigation Area. Zavier said,” I want to discover new dinosaurs, so I can add them to our zoo and become rich!”. Sophia and Fynlee maxing relaxing in the chill area reading books and playing with the new colourful blocks, they were building a stable for all the animals that didn’t have a home. Miss Bea along with the friends who didn’t finish their easter crafts yesterday were painting and decorating their crafts. We also created Miss Kylie a Birthday present and card, HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY MISS KYLIE!!!


To mix up things today we practised a fire drill- heading to the car park, friends acted quickly to safety.


During our quite/rest time Miss Shannen asked us what we are grateful for? We used our journals to answer this question. We then chose a book to read for the remaining duration of quite time . This afternoon we finished creating our Affirmation sensory bottles with Miss Kate.


What a busy and fun day!! See you all tomorrow everyone.


Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Shannen , Miss Bea and Mr Petexx