January 21, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Good morning families and friends,

Happy Tuesday!

We welcome a new friend, Koa today. He likes army-stuff, superheroes and Bryan, on YouTube.

Following up from last week, we continued to mix paints today to find out what colours they made. Milah wanted purple. What colours do we need? We found out by mixing blue and red. Hannah was keen to mix black and white, but Miss Qiu couldn’t quite locate the white paint. Might have to try to do this tomorrow!

The children are getting used to each other and building bonds. We’re also establishing a system in the class. One of them is introducing the bag tags – the children arrive at school, look for their name on the side of the lockers, then pop their name in their locker of choice. Not only does this give them the opportunity to recognise their own and each other’s names, it also gives them a little extra sense of belonging to the room. Another system involves encourage different children to sit together during meal times, by placing name tags on the table. Zoey spelt Rohan’s name out – R, o, h, a, n. It’s natural for children to want to sit with their own friends, but it’s also nice to build a little community where everyone doesn’t mind sitting or playing with anyone.

Some children painted and others played with play dough. Hunter made worms, Sara made a bracelet, and Koa made cake. Milah painted a picture for Aunty Maddie who will arrive tonight with Finn, Edie painted a picture with rainbows, the sea, ovals and more, Arianna painted and Lewis painted a picture for Olivia.

Rohan and Lyla made drinks and food for everyone. Miss Bronagh and Miss Qiu were treated to lettuce-drink and cheese-drink respectively.

Quote of the day from Lewis: “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!” When asked, he said that no one told him that.

To round off the morning, Miss Qiu explained (with rudimentary drawing skills) how rain was formed. Hunter reminded her to add the rainbow – we might follow up on this and talk about the colours of the rainbow.

Have a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Roya.

Written by elckindy