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Jingeri families and friends, we hope you had a beautiful relaxing long weekend. We have had great fun today being busy bees, so lets share with what we got up to today but first:


  • Mothers’ day event- Friday 7th May in Benowa Park –Evans Drive and Sylvan Drive 3.30pm-4.30pm We cannot wait to celebrate with you.
  • Parent/ Teacher Meetings start next week, please see Miss Kate if you need to change your appointment.
  • Miss Bea will be out of our room all week as she is filling in for gym classes. We will miss you Miss Bea

Thankfully the sun was out this morning and friends were buzzing around the yard engaging in many different things. It’s so lovely to see friends welcome each other every morning excitedly to see their friends. Some friends were enjoying the big connecting blocks, today a rocket was constructed, and friends were zooming around space. The obstacle course was also fun, friends took it in turns to climb across the beams cheering each other on. The bikes were also popular friends were zooming up and down the ramp and across the decking, Fynlee said she was off to the beach! Other friends were exploring the sand pit- they worked with KG2 friends and baked a huge cake!

Soon it was time to head inside and engage in our morning group time. We Acknowledged the Country, Answered the Roll in French and Warmed up to “Let’s get down to Business”. We found out the date- friends were excited to find out we were in a new month! The Weather bird Lucia told us is was sunny and cloudy and we recapped our sounds. This weeks sound/letter of the week is G/g, this bounces and to write it we practised “Around the girl’s face and down her hair”. It was then time to think of “g” words:










This morning friends were busy with lots of enriched activities around our beautiful class. The Cloud café was busy with chef Macy cooking up a storm, she came to Miss Kate and served her cake in a cup and a delicious coffee. She charged Miss Kate $25 but it was defiantly worth it. Lucia, Sophia and Frankie also enjoyed eating Spaghetti. Some friends enjoyed the dinosaur area, they role played with the dinosaurs and fed them yummy green leaves. The doll house was busy with friends using the cars, horse, trucks and small people to create a small world. At the tables the playdough table was busy with the purple playdough, friends used the playdough toys and created donuts, rockets, pizza and cookies with the cookie cutters. Drawing table was busy with friends using the scavenger hunt template from last week, they ticked the boxes and drew the pictures of what they could see. Dominos were busy too with friends playing independently in a small group- great team work! Miss Kate discussed with friends about how to decorate our Mothers’ day sign. We had some brilliant ideas such as glitter, sponge paint, shaving foam, tissue paper, sprinkles, chalk and lots more! Miss Shannen worked with friends in creating each letter with their brilliant ideas.


I am, beautiful, big, strong, enough, proud of myself, confident, kind, growing, a great friend and going to have a brilliant day.

I am grateful for:

My Mummy, My family, The sunshine, Miss Kate, My friends, My teachers, My house.

This afternoon we engaged in quiet activities, puzzles, reading books, blocks, shape pictures, cars and drawing.

Thank you for a beautiful day Kindy One

Miss Kate and Miss Shannen