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Jingeri Families and Friends we hope you had a fun filled Easter Long weekend- Friends were super excited to discuss their activities.

Friendly reminder that you must wear your masks into the centre- you are allowed upstairs into the Kindergarten area. However you must remain in the area at the top of the stairs (by the Ipad). Please do not enter the classrooms, outdoors or bathroom. Thank you

Welcome to our blog for Tuesday 6th April- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!! Here is a little snippet on our day…  When we all arrived this morning, friends were playing inside our room, lots of activities were going on. Friends excitedly rushed over to say good morning to Miss Kate and tell her all about the Easter bunny! We soon headed out to the sandpit for some fresh air, where some friends played “Eye Spy” others were straight into the sand pit using the water to make delicious cakes and sand sandcastles. Other friends mixed the wooden blocks with the lego blocks and constructed a castle!

We then headed inside to start our day and daily program with Miss Kate on the mat, we welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers, said our Acknowledgement of the country. Friends chose Pump it up to warm our bodies and minds to. We sang the days of the week and found out the date.We recapped our sounds, practised writing with our “magic Pens” m, a, d, s, t!  Miss Kate then introduced the new sound/letter of the week “i”- down the insects body with ta dot on the top. We then thought of lots of “I” words such as:










We counted 1-20 and backwards- which shot us up to space when we hit zero!

Once we had finished our group time, we all transitioned by playing eye spy to recognise the letter of our name. When our bellies were full we joined Miss Kate back on the group time mat for our Affirmations – our friends looked in the mirror with I am…. Strong, Beautiful, brave, Kind, powerful, loved, fast, confident, ME and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!


Milly, Toranj, Leon and Macy used the small dolls on the wooden doll house. They role played and Macy was singing, “I am the Princess, you are the Queen”

Amelia, Aaron, Anthony, Mark and Jordie was busy in the Café, Amelia was the chef making coffee for her customers. Aaron ordered “chocolate- lots of it!”

The Dinosaur area was busy with Zavier, Kaia, Frankie, Sophie and Zara. They created a new land for them and fed the dinosaurs leaves!

Fynlee, Indi, Lucia  and Termeh practised their names and drew what they saw outside. Fynlee drew rain all around her name!

Friends sat with Miss Shannen drawing and discussing what they did on their special Easter weekend. While Miss Kate finished our speech assessments.

After discussing what we are grateful for we enjoyed our delicious lunch and then rested our bodies and minds with some music and books. We then drew in our journals today we chose to draw what we were grateful for. Friends were mostly grateful for their yummy chocolate!!

Thank you for a fun filled day Kindy One- It’s great to have Miss Bea and Miss Shannen back!

Please bring raincoats, gumboots and spare clothes to play in the rain tomorrow

See you tomorrow

Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea