February 12, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Good afternoon families,

Today in Kindy 1 we had so much fun. We started the morning off with group time Arianna was the teachers helper today. She told us about her visit to the science museum. We had a yummy morning tea, bananas with yogurt and strawberry sauce and we finished up in time for Miss Lauren to teach us some yoga with us. Every week I feel like the children are improving on their yoga skills.The children ask Miss Lauren if they can do certain yoga moves like the table, or the butterfly. Showing their interests and skills.

After yoga the children finished their lovely art pieces they have been working on for Valentines Day, then we got ready for the African drum show with Mr Sam. He is from Kenya and travels around Australia to teach people about his home and their instruments. He was very funny and got all the children laughing. Zoey felt a little scared and told Miss Bronagh she didn’t want to go in but Miss Bronagh comforted Zoey and sat beside her, after ten minutes into the show and Zoey was laughing and having fun, she even went up to volunteer to play the drums, well done Zoey!

We then came back to our room and had lunch, chicken balls, veggies and potatoes, delicious!


Hope the weather didn’t affect your day today and everyone drives safe,

Lots of love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh xxx

(we did have lots more pictures but they wouldn’t up load, sorry!)

Written by elckindy