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Jingeri families and friends, welcome to our Wet Wednesday the 5th May 2021 blog, today has certainly been a day for ducks, we love all this rain just not when we are at kindy! But we didn’t let that stop us in making the most of the day with all our friends – here is a little snippet in our day…


  • Mothers’ day event- Friday 7th May in Benowa Park –Evans Drive and Sylvan Drive30pm-4.30pm We cannot wait to celebrate with you.
  • Parent/ Teacher Meetings start next week, please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen if you need to change your appointment.
  • Miss Bea will be out of our room all week as she is filling in for gym classes. We will miss you Miss Bea


This morning we all made the most of the weather while we could before the heavens opened up and the showers were set in, we had finished climbing and sliding up and down the fort and slide down in the bark area, zooming around on the deck on the red bikes, with some friends getting creative and drawing their very own pirate treasure map where X marks the spot! We also had a table on the deck area with colouring in pages and crayons that our friends all enjoyed, as always the sandpit was most popular with sandcastles being created all over the sandpit with some friends using the rain to help mix in and make a wet sandcastles together with friends from KG2. We also had something a little bit different this morning with half the sandpit turned into our obstacle course cheering one another on as they all had a go and balanced their way across the obstacle course!


Soon it was time to head inside and engage in our morning group time and fill up ur hungry bellies with yummy morning tea that Mr Trevor made for us. We lined up at the KG door where we hi fived/ hugged Miss Shannen as we headed inside making our way down to the mat. We Acknowledged the Country, Answered the Roll in Spanish and Warmed up to one of our favourites “Pump It Up”, followed by our days of the week song. We found out the date, day, month and year – friends did a great job at remembering we were in a new month! The Weather bird today  told us is was raining and cloudy and we recapped our sounds. This weeks sound/letter of the week is G/g, this bounces and to write it we practised “Around the girl’s face and down her hair”. It was then time to think of “g” words:










Glasses and so many more!

We then recapped all the words that we all came up together as class that started with the letter G, before transitioned to the bathroom to wash our hands and enjoy our yummy morning tea that today consisted off – fresh fruit pieces (watermelon, apples, rockmelon) with a yummy freshly baked cake that was so fresh it was still a little bit warm, warming up our bellies for the morning, it was the perfect snack on a day like today….


This morning friends were busy with lots of enriched activities around our classroom with all our friends and teachers. The Cloud café was busy with lots of orders coming out of the kitchen to our customers, the dinosaur area had friends role playing each dinosaur as they made their way around the volcano and island, friends made a home for our dolls in the doll house with lots of dolls now moved in into the house, some friends enjoyed reading a book in the quite/calm area, and we even had some of our friends role play Miss Kate and Miss Shannen with teaching and reading books to their friends and over on the tables we had friends request for more drawing, shape blocks and bricks, and over on another table friends were helping Miss Shannen finish our Mothers Day sign that we have been busy working on with our friends and KG2! We cant wait for you all to see it, this Friday at our Mothers Day celebration in the park.

We were all having such a busy morning that the morning just flew by with Miss Jen arriving for our Wednesday dance class where we moved and grooved along to kids pop songs and learned a new dance and dance moves with Miss Jen.

Just before we settled down for lunch and a rest we all sat down on the group time mat, listened and reflected to mediation music as we all did our affirmations with Miss Kate…


I am, beautiful, big, strong, enough, proud of myself, confident, kind, growing, a great friend and going to have the best day!

We all enjoyed making our very own sushi bowl for lunch today, with rice, tuna, avocado, carrot, soy sauce and seaweed crisps! We ate it all up!

Once all our bellies were full we packed away and sat down on the group time mat where we had some calming and relaxing music where we rested our bodies and minds anc drew in our daily journals – what we are grateful for: My family, my friends, Miss Shannen, my teachers, my house, my dog and Gran

This afternoon we engaged in quiet activities, puzzles, reading books, blocks, shape pictures, cars and drawing, eating yummy afternoon tea that consisted of fresh fruit and rice crackers!

We then spend the rest of the afternoon out in the sandpit area joining classes with KG2 where we all constructed and build lots and lots of towers using all the wooden blocks and large Lego blocks creating their very own mini city  – great team work friends!

Thank you friends for another lovely day! We will see you all tomorrow, enjoy your evenings.

Lots of love

Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx