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Kindergarten, Pre-Kindy

18th April, 2016


Good Afternoon families,

Today was a quiet day so we combined to do some fun activities. We started by playing outside with Miss jo, but then had a very special activity, where Miss Camilla came and did some fun exercise with us, this will be happening every Monday, we pretended to be different animals such as ducks, frogs and monsters, we used our different gross motor skills to do different activities outside.

When we came inside we had our morning tea, then had group time, we looked at the word SPOT today as we are very good at recognising the letters in the correct order in STOP so we decided to change it around and try a different word, we then read some spot books and spotted out every time the word SPOT came up and sounded out each of the letters. We also sang some songs together, where the children chose the songs we sang together, we also used the puppets to sing some songs and also learnt a new song about traffic lights and using different commands such as stop, go, slow down, etc.

We also started looking at our Anzac day activities, and spoke about what we can make for it and spoke about why we celebrate it. We also spoke about that we are going to make Anzac biscuits together on Friday. We also did some painting today and decided we were going to do some hand prints.

We read lots of stories today where we chose the different stories we read and discussed the different stories that we know and what happens within the story.