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Thursday 10th March, 2016

Good afternoon families!

Today we had a lovely day together, pre-kindy came inside our classroom for a little play today and we were able to show them what we should be doing with the toys and what our class rules are. We also had group time together this morning so we were all very smart and knew what the letter of the week was and what words start with the letter L, we named so many different names and words we were all very happy about this. We also revised our shapes, colours and our counting, some of us needed a little bit of help to recognise this but we will continue learning these and recognising these throughout the year. We also looked at our numbers of the week which this week is 1 and 0, we continued counting and learning to recognise the numbers, we are also practising to write these numbers and letter of the week and also continuing our pencil control practice throughout the day.

We are also continuing our project on vehicles today which we will continue to look at until the children want to choose another project. Today we used different shapes to create special vehicles, we created rocket ships, trucks, cars and a couple of very unique vehicles.  While we were doing this activity we spoke about what shapes and colours we were using to create it. We also used some of our boxes that families have been donating to paint and are going to create different cars, buses and trucks with them using different recycled materials.

We had a discussion today about what we can do to calm ourselves down today, different strategies we can use within the classroom and what we can do to fix this. We also spoke about what happens when we hurt our friends and making them sad. We also spoke about sharing with our friends and taking turns with our friends as well.

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