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Miss Kristy came for a visit from Benowa Early Learning Centre and joined Mr Lachie in the KG room today.

There was a strong creative focus today, coupled with a focus on literacy opportunities.

Of the artistic choices, the children had the chance to do a group wet chalk painting, a princess collage where the children could colour and then glue jewels into a princesses tiara and necklace, large, colourful easel paintings and flower collages.

Of the literacy opportunities, the children were given an ‘Ss’ worksheet to complete that required them to trace the letter s and then write it repeatedly.  This gave us an opportunity to observe and evaluate the ways that the children grasp their pen, have confidence in writing tasks and can persist when they find a task difficult. The efforts of all PK children was fantastic and the worksheets are displayed on our back wall for the perusal of family and friends- we are sure that you will like them!!

We took an opportunity to do a numeracy task as a transition game to wash our hands before having lunch.  The children each received a card with a number of objects on it and the children were required to count the amount of those objects.  Thereafter, one-by-one, the children had to find their corresponding numerical value on the mat- there was a bunch of numbers to choose from.  The children did a great job- waiting patiently for their turn and completing the task.  Fantastic work friends!!

All in all a great day.  We were busy bees today!!