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Good Afternoon families!

We had terrific day today with Miss Shree helping us for the day. In the morning after doing some activities inside the sun finally came out to play and so did we! There was a big climbing obstacle course set up which a lot of children enjoyed, the bikes were popular as always and the wet sand was perfect for our digger trucks in the sandpit.

We then came inside for raisin bread and watermelon for morning tea and we loved it. During activity time some of us went outside and played soccer with the soccer man and some of us stayed inside with miss shree and played a game of whats missing. The children continued on their letter sheets, scissor grip and paper cutting. Before lunch Mr Lachie read Room On The Broom! Which Tibet kindly brought in.

In the afternoon session we did show and tell, after that the children eagerly requested Room On The Broom again which Mr Lachie happily read. We did some more table activities like colouring in and the matching cards, a few children made a little zoo out of the toy animals.

We had a wonderful day in Kindergarten and we are very excited for more adventures tomorrow!