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Our Day in Kindergarten…….
Miss Jo joined Mr Lachie in the Kindergarten room today as Miss Daisy was away.
Today we were joined by Luka, Kaitlyn, Jay, Charlee, Ashi, Rikuto, Evie, Tibet, Sierra, Eljay, Mason and Evelyn.
After a big play outside in the yard we gathered inside for a group time experience with the Pre Kindy class. Miss Jo sang a Good Morning song and encouraged the children to sing along too and then we settled into some stories. Our first story was called ‘Are You My Mother?’. We talked about how Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Luka was very verbal during our story and he must have heard this story before as he knew all the parts that were coming up in the story. We then read a story about a messy child and her Mother who was trying to be patient called, ‘Harriet, you’ll drive me wild!’ We all enjoyed this story and listened well as we read about the mother trying so hard to be patient.
After morning tea the class was divided as some children went to play soccer with The Soccer Man and the rest of the class stayed indoors to do activities. Luka, Kaitlyn, Jay, Charlee, Ashi, Evie, Tibet and Evelyn all enjoyed participating in soccer. The children were able to work on basic soccer skills – kicking, dribbling and how to stop the ball with their feet! Evie, Luka and Ashi did a great job at scoring a goal.
While soccer was taking place outside Ejay, Mason, Rikuto and Shia stayed inside with Miss Jo. They were all very busy building a tall tower with the wooden blocks. This kept them busy for quite some time as they were making a tunnel with the tower and placing objects into it listening out to hear them fall down through the blocks.
Once all the children came back to the classroom they were encouraged to choose their own activities and follow up on their interests. Mr Lachie made some play dough and Sierra, Luka, Charlee and Evie were all very eager to play with it. They asked for some tools to use and did a great job at creating little masterpieces with the play dough.
Evelyn had requested to do a drawing for her Mum. The drawing table got quite busy with Rikuto doing a great job at writing down different letters and words in English and Japanese. Miss Jo was very impressed and Evie commented to him ‘Well done Rik’. Ashi, Sierra and Luka worked on some alphabet and number worksheets. Kaitlyn joined her friends at the table and was busy drawing with some crayons.
Jay spent most of the morning on the mat building with the mobilo blocks. Jay was imaging and creating many different things and as he completed each building he lined them up beside each other. Ashi joined Jay on the mat and began building with the mobilo blocks too. Tibet found some other plastic blocks that he spent time working on. Tibet seemed to enjoy some solitary time being creative.
Kaitlyn and Rikuto spent time completing puzzles on the mat. Kaitlyn found the alphabet puzzle that she was working on yesterday and continued working on it today. Rikuto found some quite difficult dinosaur puzzles and was able to complete the puzzles on his own.
A lovely day in the Kindergarten room.
Miss Jo and Mr Lachie

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