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Our Day in Kindergarten…….
Miss Kristy joined Mr Lachie in the Kindergarten room today as Miss Daisy was away.
Today we were joined by Sierra, Blake, Evie, Axl, Nicholas, Mason, Ricky, Chase, Kaitlyn, Charlee, Jasmine, Ashi, Luka and Jacob.
We enjoyed a fun morning group time Mr Lachlan, singing ‘brush your teeth, five jelly fish, and five fat sausages’ This gave us an excellent platform to address the topic of dental hygiene and enquire, and share individual brushing habits. Thank-you for your contributions Kindergarten.
During indoor activity time the children kept busy as follows…
Sierra and Blake were sorting and weighing shells,
Evie, Luca and Axel were busy painting,
Nicholas was busy hammering nails,
Mason was building with the blocks,
Ricki, Chase and Kaitlyn were playing with the food utensils in homecorner,
Charlee did some lovely drawing,
Jasmine and Ashley created a very exciting exploring game where they explored areas of the kindergarten room, and,
Jacob enjoyed constructing mobile pieces.
The children worked together beautifully to pack the room away and then we enjoyed a group time where we listened to a story and talked about the story- the story was specificially about a child who did a sequence of things that upset her mother more and more until her mother felt quite cross. We spoke about the underlying unconditional love component within the story. Thereafter, the children did a sensational job of finding their nametags that were placed amongst their peers. Great work identifying your names.!!!
After a wonderful rest time we then did some letter worksheets and other quiet activities before celebrating Nicholas’ birthday and enjoying the cake that he kindly bought in to share.
A lovely day in the Kindergarten room.
Miss Kristy and Mr Lachie.



Happy Birthday Nicolas

Happy Birthday Nicolas