Hello Kindergarten families and welcome to Tuesday.

This morning we had a lovely time playing in the kindy yard. Lots of friends were putting on some beautiful and magnificent performances for Miss Parisa.
Zyanna, Lucy and Blake were having a great time playing on the sandpit swing. They would take it in turns who would spin the swing and who would get to stand on the swing. Don’t get dizzy friends!
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The garbage man arrived this morning to collect our rubbish. He drove in and all of the children ran to the back fence to watch. He lowered his big fork, picked up the rubbish bin and tipped the rubbish into the back of his truck. It made a very loud noise!
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Once it was time to come inside, the children lined up at the door, put their hats away, got a big drink of water, washed their hands and sat on the mat ready for group time. Here we sang our good morning song and our days of the week song.

Today Miss Katherine asked the children what they wanted to do and a few of the children wanted to do cutting. Miss Sophie set up a cutting activity where the children had to follow a zigzag line on a colourful piece of paper with the scissors. The children all did a great job and showed Miss Sophie and Miss Katherine all of their fantastic cutting skills.
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Some of our friends had tennis with Miss Jodi today. When they came back into the classroom after tennis, everyone had a beautiful big smile on the face and looked like they got to burn off some bubbly energy.

Thank you for a lovely day Kindergarten!

Miss Sophie and Miss Katherine.  

Written by elckindy