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Tuesday 15th March, 2016

Good afternoon families!

Today we had a relaxing day in Kindergarten, we started off by playing outside where we had lots of fun playing in the sand pit and playing with the water. We used the water to make special sand castles and poured them down the slides and used the trucks to push down them to move the water.

When we came inside we had morning tea together and then continued to have group time, we are getting very good at naming words beginning with the letter T and have continued to fill our board up, we also looked at the number 2 and counted up to 10. We continued practicing our Easter song together and even practiced without Miss Daisy or Miss Nicole helping. 

During activity time today we made our special Easter hats, we painted them, used glitter and used cotton balls to decorate them. We also made turtles using paper plates, where we painted them and stuck on a head, tail and legs, we also spoke about how turtles begin with the letter T and the shapes we were using were triangles and start with the letter T.

We continued our pencil control today, using worksheets for the letter T and worksheets for the number 2. We also used pencil control worksheets where we traced in between lines and traced over lines to see how well we can follow them.

We had lots of fun playing with the magnets today as well we used the magnets to see what we could pick up, we also used the magnetic chips to count and place a certain amount on each magnet, we were able to work together while we were doing this. We also used the connector blocks to create special vehicles using these and are now using a project shelf if we would like to show our creations to family members or our friends. This area is in the construction area in the classroom.

Please remember to bring in a family photo for our tree and also remember to bring back raffle tickets and a donation for our Easter raffle.

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