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Our Day……
We have had a lovely day in Kindergarten today with Miss Jo and Miss Amber. Miss Daisy is away for the next two days on a seminar.
We began our morning with a story at group time that Axel was very excited to share with his friends. We read the story, ‘Elmer’s Special Day’ about an Elephant who enjoyed decorating himself and then participating in a parade. This story gave us the idea to make masks and have a parade. The children were very excited to work on their masks so Miss Jo printed some masks of different animals and encouraged those children who were interested to decorate them. This activity encouraged the children to be creative and use their imaginations to create their own very special and unique mask. The children also used their fine motor skills to independently cut out their masks.
During activity time there was also a lot of activity taking place on the mat with some friends busy building and creating with the mobile. Jacob, Nicolas, Kaitlyn and Rikuto spent quite some time working on their creations!
Ashi and Jasmine spent all of activity time playing cooperatively together. They were very busy in home corner and used the strollers to walk their babies around the classroom.
We spent some time talking about Anzac Day this morning during our group time experience. Miss Jo asked if anybody knew what was happening next Monday and Luka responded with, “It’s a day off”. Miss Jo explained what the day off was for and we watched a short story called My Grandfather Walks on Anzac Day to explain what Anzac Day is. During our discussion about Anzac Day Miss Jo asked the class what they knew about Anzac Day and Eve was very confident in sharing with the group, “It’s the day about the flowers”. Miss Jo explained that the flowers are called poppies and we continued the interest in poppies during activity time with a counting worksheet.
We have all had a very happy and enjoyable day in Kindergarten!
Miss Jo and Miss Amber

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