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The children had a fantastic morning out in the yard.  Mr Lachie set up an obstacle course for the bikes.  It was a little bit tricky but the children did a great job when they gave it a try.  Miss Vanessa was very impressed with the net above the stairs, the children looked like Spiderman as they scaled the net…it looked like lots of fun.

When we came inside we all enjoyed our morning tea before meeting on the mat for our morning group time.  The children are learning some new morning songs to add to their repertoire.  We welcomed each other with:


Here is the land

Here is the sky

Here are my friends

And here am I


We then sang an Italian good morning song before singing the same song in English.  The children did a great job following the actions and singing when they felt they knew the words.  Jasmine told us the name of today and Charlie looked out the window to see what the weather was doing.  We all agreed with him, as he told us it was cloudy.  Miss Vanessa added, she thought it was also a little chilly, especially when the wind was blowing, so we went outside to check.  The children then requested to hear the story, The Koala Who Bounced, which started a little theme for the day – Australia.  We looked at Australia on the map and saw that it was an island, Miss Vanessa pointed out the ‘Gold Coast” on the map.  We all recited, we live on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, in Australia.  We will look at this in depth tomorrow, with Queensland playing New South Wales in the State of Origin.


After group time the children moved to their chosen activity.  Play is our children’s work…their way to learn, so it is important to provide them with activities that engage them and encourage them to explore and develop.  The children chose blocks, creating an amazing car park, Rikuto, Mason, Ashlesh, Jasmine and Charlie worked really hard together to create their masterpiece.  Charlee and Evie chose to come straight to the tables to enjoy some writing.  The children made a puzzle using pop sticks, writing their name on the sticks and then decorating them.  They look fantastic.  Home corner was the most popular play environment, with the children role playing.  Miss Sharon bought up some new toys for our home corner area yesterday, so the children were very keen to put them into action.

Mr Lachie did a measuring activity with the children.  Each child stood next to the window and waited patiently for Mr Lachie to mark their height on the glass.  After he marked the height, he then measured the height using our new measuring tapes.  We discover that Oliver is the tallest child in our class but Mr Lachie is the tallest person in our class!  Nicolas really enjoyed the measuring tape, taking it to the mat and measuring the shelves, blocks etc.

Luka and Gelina enjoyed helping Miss Vanessa put the names and heights up after Mr Lachie was finished.  They held the string while she stuck it to the wall.  We looked at all the heights of the children and decided they were all similar heights. 

After our lunch and quiet activity time the children gathered on the mat for another story.  We read “All across Australia”, a counting book about Australian Animals…we then discussed which Australian animals we have seen.  Many of the children have seen kangaroos, spiders, dingoes and even crocodiles. 

Once our story and group discussion was done it was time to get ready for some outside physical play.  Lots of fun riding bikes, running and playing in the sandpit.