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Tuesday 22nd March, 2016

Good afternoon families,

Today was an easy day all the children were very well behaved and all of our listening ears were working today so we were able to do special activities all day, we had Mr Lochie in our classroom today so he sang us one of our favourite fish songs that we are going to be teaching Miss Daisy to sing. We learnt some new songs today as well and also did some dancing and singing pretending to be different animals, we wanted to be crocodiles, monkeys, bunny’s and lions and had lots of fun pretending to be these. We also had lots of fun playing musical instruments today practicing our listening and practicing our knowledge of the word stop, as this is the word we will be using to learn our letters and sounds. The children are encouraged to find all the stop signs while they are driving with you in the car so they are able to identify that word as stop so we will be able to move onto the next phase.

We also had lots of fun to making pictures using our handprints and footprints today for Easter we had lots of fun talking about what we could turn them into, we also made some special Easter bunnies and Easter chickens, we also took some special photos with Miss Nicole to make ourselves the Easter bunny.

We also had lots of fun using the structure book today to help each other build big towers and spoke about where each of the places were from, the children are very interested in looking at other areas in the world and we will start looking at the different cultures and places around us throughout the year.