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Tuesday 29th March, 2016

Good afternoon families,

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and a nice Easter. Today we are starting a new project topic in Kindergarten, we are looking at All about me. Today we started by looking at the different emotions we have and how we can make the different faces of this, we also sang if your happy and you know it as well to join in and changed some of the words to different emotions, we also looked at our 5 senses which we will be learning about such as doing a smelling experiment and a tasting experiment as well.

We had lots of fun playing outside today, we had a new friend who will be joining us for 2 weeks come in for a play, we showed her what we could play with outside such as the pirate ship, climbing frames and the water in the sandpit, we also had lots of fun throwing and catching the balls with Mr Lochie. We also had lots of fun riding the bikes around and completing the puzzles that were set up for us.

When we came inside after group time we played with lots of different toys, we made different pictures using the hammers and pins, we also made different structures using the connecting shapes we had lots of fun doing this. We also had some fun colouring some pictures that were donated to us of a car.