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Kindergarten room

Tuesday 3rd March 2016

Today in kindergarten we had lots of fun playing inside today as it was very wet and raining outside. Some of the children asked lots of questions about the rain and how and why it is happening, so we will be looking into this throughout the rest of the week. We had Mr Lochie within our classroom today and he did lots of magic tricks for us like making our toys disappear.

We also practiced our fine motor skills today by using scissors to create a collage using blue, pink, yellow and green paper, we did very well using the scissors but some of us needed a little assistance to hold them and use them correctly but we were able to do it ourselves correctly after practicing for a while.

During the rest period today some of us didn’t want to have a sleep so we drew some wonderful pictures and used the magic construction disks to create our own structures, Nicolas made a house out of the shapes and Sierra made a car using lots of different shapes.

Evie, Kaitlyn, Charlee and Nicolas were playing in home corner today where they were able to share the dress ups and help each other if they need it and also delivered food to the other children cooking and dishing up all of the food. We also did some puzzles together today, we helped each other complete them when we needed help and were able to put all the pieces together in the right place after some persistence.